Working Groups


Coalition members are currently working on a CAUA climate action plan for the University of Alberta. If you are a CAUA member and would like to help, please contact the Convenor at

University Environmental Footprint and Ecologically Sustainable Decision-making

CAUA is identifying ways in which the University of Alberta and the greater academic community can reduce their carbon footprint.

Divestment/Reinvestment Campaign

CAUA seeks to have the University of Alberta and the Universities of Alberta Pension Plan (UAPP) divest from corporations operating in or financing the fossil fuels sectors.

Interdisciplinary Research and Teaching for Climate Action

CAUA is working on fostering more collaboration between faculties and departments on climate change-related research and curricula.

A Youth Climate Corps for Alberta

The CAUA supports the campaign of the Climate Emergency Unit and the Canadian Labour Council that calls upon Canadian governments to fund climate corps whose labour and skills will be dedicated to decarbonization and ecological restoration efforts. This initiative calls upon governments and employers to fund youth corps jobs in green sectors for one or two years. Young people could take one of these positions after high school, or after their first university degrees, gaining skills and income while doing important work for green transition. Contact us to connect to the Climate Corps group.

Banning Single-use Plastics

CAUA is working with other campus groups to reduce and eventually ban single-use plastics at the University of Alberta.

Climate Emergency Petition

In 2020, the CAUA launched a petition calling on Canadian universities and Universities Canada to sign the Global Climate Letter, which declares a climate emergency and commits signatories to allocate increased resources to climate change research, go carbon neutral by 2050 at the latest, and to expand environmental and sustainability education. This campaign wrapped up in March 2021. A petition with 3500 signatures was sent to university presidents across the country–including, of course, the University of Alberta.